Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Profession Progression

One of my long term goals in World of Warcraft is to level every profession to 80. As I don't raid I have lots of time to level alts and work on this. The idea is to be self-reliant which will help me reach my other long term goal: getting gold capped. Having access to all the professions will save me thousands of gold along the way, helping with the latter goal.

Here's my progress.

Level 80 hunter: 450 Engineering / 350 Enchanting

Originally my hunter was 450 herbalism / 450 alchemy. Switched to mining and engineering. Once engineering 450 was reached I dropped mining and picked up enchanting. Leveled it up mostly with soloing instances and disenchanting all the drops. Extremely painful profession to level up by yourself. I only turned to the auction house when desperate, and probably only spent a couple hundred gold there. FINALLY got through the Outland portion of the profession, which was a long grind. She has lots of Northrend enchanting mats stockpiled from running heroics and disenchanting drops from all my various level 80s. My blacksmith is finally crafting Northrend blacksmithing stuff so I can DE these as well, if needed. Enchanting will eventually play a big role in my goal of getting gold capped.

Level 80 Death Knight: 450 Herbalism / 448 Incription

I'm currently farming Sholazar Basin for herbs and making a couple Darkmoon Card of the North every day. I'll reach 450 tonight. So far I have two nobles cards! I plan on making the Darkmoon cards beyond 450 and eventually equipping my DK with a Darkmoon Card: Greatness trinket. Just because I've always wanted one. I'm doing the daily Northrend research and keeping an eye out for low priced Books of Glyph Mastery on the auction house. I can sometimes find them for 13-15 gold. I don't have much luck having them drop off random mobs on any of my level 80s so I just watch the AH.

Level 80 Paladin: 450 Mining / 382 Blacksmithing

I have so much cobalt, saronite and titanium ore stockpiled that I don't anticipate getting blacksmithing capped will be a huge issue. I'm was pleasantly surprised to see some of the cobalt green quality armor sets actually sell in the auction house for decent amounts of gold. In a few cases they were worth far more than their disenchanted value as well. Look before you vendor/DE!

Level 80 Warrior: 450 Jewelcrafting / 450 Mining

Doing the Dalaran daily jewelcrafting quest every day and working on my collection of designs. As soon as I get my alchemist leveled I can start transmuting all the gems I have stockpiled into epics and auctioning them off slowly. Other than crafting and vendoring Sun Rock Rings and Bloodstone Bands, and auctioning the occasional blue quality gem, I'm not making much money. Yet. The blue quality gem market on my realm is camped by someone who literally watches the AH day and night, and cancels/reposts any auctions that underbid him within 30 minutes. In fact based on the brief snooping I did, it seems like this person might have two separate WoW accounts, which is not uncommon for hardcore AH players. I eventually want to drive this person out of business. But I'll worry about that later. ;)

Level 61 Priest: 320 Alchemy / 326 Herbalism

Nothing too exciting going on here. Just leveling both professions as I level the toon. This will be my next level 80.

Level 40 Mage: 300 Tailoring / 253 Skinning

I was aggressive with tailoring as I had so much cloth stockpiled from all the characters I've leveled. I can't progress any further in tailoring until I level my mage beyond 40. Any cloth I gather between now and then will be auctioned off. I'm saving all my skinning mats for...

Leatherworking. Which I don't currently have on any toon. When Cataclysm hits I will be rolling a Worgen rogue and power-leveling him (or her?) along with leatherworking.

So the goal for now is to cap inscription, blacksmithing and enchanting, as well as get my Priest and his professions capped. After that I'll put all my focus on the mage. By the time he's level 80, Cataclysm will probably be knocking on my door.

As for my goal of getting gold capped, I'm slowly but surely learing about the economy on my realm and getting involved in the AH game, though I'm not dedicating nearly enough time to it. As soon as I meet my other goals I hope to really dive into AH strategies and hopefully post more about that. Until then I can recommend some great gold making blogs that I read regularly:

Just My Two Copper
Cold's Gold Factory

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