Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pirates VS Ninjas: Warcraft Hunters Union (WHU) Event 4

Veteran hunter, Frostheim, and a horde of level 35 and under baby hunters recently wrapped up WHU (Warcraft Hunters Union) event number four! The plan was for participating members, which numbered in the hundreds, to meet up in Gurabashi Arena, Strangelthorn Vale, for an epic pirates versus ninjas battle. Afterwords, the rambunctious rabble of rowdy dwarves traveled south to Booty Bay to get their Pirate Day costume and achievement, and parrot pets for those who had enough rep with Booty Bay. Finally, the pirate costume wearing group of booze-reeking, bullet-slinging bearded freaks took the party east to one of the pirate ships just off the shore, for a celebration of copious alcohol consumption and one hell of a fireworks show! Here are pics from the event, which happened this past Sunday.

^ Prior to the event, those who signed up were mailed 3 Savory Deviate Delight,(when eaten, turns you into either a pirate or a ninja) which were then consumed by all involved. The pirates grouped at one end of the stands while the ninjas grouped at the other. At the signal, both parties jumped into the Arena for a fight to the finish. This happened three times. Pirates won 2-1, finally proving that pirates are more badass than ninjas in their black pajamas.

^ Pirates versus ninjas like never before!

^ This was taken during round 2, which was the round the ninjas won.

^ WHU members, mounted on their trusty racial mounts, racing south to Booty Bay for a quick Pirate Day celebration, achievement and purchase of the pirate costume complimenting parrot pet.

^ Pirate ship officially comandeered. Let the celebration begin!

^ Pretty blue fireworks! Also, a dozen campfires burning brightly on a ship made of wood, which is a concept that could only be hatched from the booze-soaked brains of inebriated dwarves.

^ The grand finale!

^ My WHU hunter Beergasm and his faithful companion, Trixie. Beergasm is one of many veteran members of WHU and has been proudly participating since day one.


^ Hunter domination in Warsong Gulch. Okay so this ended up being a complete turtle after we scored one flag cap, but other mostly hunter matches that night were completely one sided, even without healers. Fun times!

^ Members of WHU line up in formation in Kharanos. This was from event 3.

^ Colorful gang of dwarven hunters!

WHU is a all dwarven hunter guild on Icecrown, US. The first event was at level cap 10, the second 20, the third 30, and 35 for this event. It was founded by Frostheim of and the 'Scattered Shots' hunter column of Anyone can join WHU, just start a dwarven hunter on Icecrown US, join the whu chat channel, and ask for an invite.