Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Tauren Shaman Part 4: Levels 21-30

Long time no update! I really have no excuses other than I haven't been playing much WoW lately, and for the last week and a half I've been recovering from a nasty stomach bug that sucked the life out of me and forced me to live a nauseous existence of lounging on the couch and watching a lot of television and movies, on a diet of ginger ale and soda crackers. This was a crippling process that made me feel so exhausted that I didn't even want to play video games, which is bad! But I'm back and feeling mostly better, and my shaman is now level 30 (as of 11 days ago). Yes, I've been putting off updating my blog. :(

Levels 20 to 30 went pretty smoothly and consisted mostly of doing quests in Ashenvale with a healthy dose of dungeons. Got Razorfen Kraul and Gnomeregan (ugh, hate that place!) out of the way, as well as a couple others. I even managed to top the DPS meters in one of them!

My newly equipped heirloom gear has really sped the leveling process up, and I'm glad I transferred my hunter from another realm to lend them to my shaman.

I decided to drop Mining in favor of Inscription to complement my other primary profession, Herbalism. While I was making some pretty good money selling ore in the auction house, I figured I may as well be leveling a crafting profession while I level, and inscription is far more profitable than alchemy in my opinion. I actually made a couple hundred gold casually selling glyphs and weapon/armor vellums as I worked on skilling up. I did not go out of my way to craft extra stuff just for the sake of getting richer. It's so satisfying to put up a couple dozen auctions at night and wake up the next morning (or a week later if you got really sick and didn't play for a few days) to a mailbox full of gold.

My arsenal of spells and abilities is really starting to get interesting. At level 30 I hit the jackpot! I got the ability to place or remove all of my totems simultaneously (can't remember the ability name), rather than having to place them manually, which is both cool and a time saver. I also learned some great new offensive and utility spells like Windfury Weapon and Astral Recall. Astral Recall is one of the most convenient leveling spells in the game. It basically lets me teleport to a major town to utilize the auction house, bank and trainers, then hearth back to a quest hub and quickly get back to doing quests. Astral Recall will save me tons of time and money that I would've lost using flight paths. Not to leave out the self-ressurrection spell, Reincarnation! Freaking sweet!

Last but not least, I got all my totems now except wind totem. Three down, one to go! Thank goodness. Some of those totem quests are time consuming and have me running around all over the damn place!

Time to grind my way to level 40.

Part Four Summary:

Starting level: 21
Finishing level: 30
Talent spread: 0/21/0 (Enhancement)

Starting money: 340g 80s
Ending money: 666g 27s

Inscription skill: 127
herbalism skill: 174

Spirithorn Armory Link