Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buying Uncut Epic Gems with Emblems of Triumph

Buying epic gems with Emblems of Triumph

If you're like me and you have a character who can no longer benefit from Emblem of Triumph (or lesser emblem) gear, but you have a ton stockpiled from doing heroic dailies and weekly raids, you're probably down-converting them to Emblems of Heroism to purchase uncut epic gems.

While it may be a no brainer for some, I recently had to help a guildie with this process so I figured I'd put up a post about it. It took me a few minutes to figure out the conversion process the first time I had to do this, as it's not just a matter of converting one to another. It's a three part conversion process.

First you need to go to the Emblem of Triumph vendor in Dalaran and scroll to the very last page of items, where you can convert Emblems of Triumph to Emblems of Conquest. Depending on the cut you want, you'll need to convert either 10 or 20 emblems. Next, talk to the Emblem of Conquest vendor and scroll to the last page of goods, converting the Emblems of Conquest into Emblems of Valor. See where this is going?

After you have your Emblems of Valor, talk to the Emblem of Valor vendor and down-convert, once again, to Emblems of Heroism. Finally, talk to the Emblem of Heroism vendor and purchase your uncut epic gem(s) of choice.

And remember, you don't have to do this one emblem at a time. If you shift+click during the conversion process you can define a custom number of emblems to convert all at once. Don't be like me and do this entire process 20 times to get that cardinal ruby.

If anybody knows a way to instantly convert Emblems of Triumph to Emblems of Heroism, and skip all the middle conversions, I'd love to know!


  1. Something worth mentioning is that it it does not really make sense to spend 20 emblems on a pure gem that will go for perhaps 150g cut, when you could have bought two mixed gems for the same amount of emblems, and sold them for over 200g total.

  2. There is a vendor in the sewers by the bank guy that will convert all your badges. You still have to do each step just one vendor with less crap in the way.

  3. Anonymous: Your point is correct, however I don't have a transmuter yet so when I go about doing all these gymnastics of converting emblems it's to get gems to gem a new piece of gear one of my toons got and save money by not purchasing it on the AH. ;)

    Meso: Didn't know he was down there. Thanks :)

  4. Meso is correct, there is a goblin in the sewers that does the currency exchange. You'll still have to run back to the surface to exchange the emblems to gems, but going to the sewer vendor definitely saves you a lot of vendor-hopping.

  5. I too was going to point out the goblin girl at Cantrips & Crows, but since that's already been said, I might suggest setting your hearth there. Vendors, mailbox, Guild Bank and Banker all within a few steps of each other. In addition, the fact that it's quiet and doesn't have a lot going on allows your screen to load up much faster if you have less than optimal internet service. Plus, a quick dash out the sewer tube on your flying mount is much faster than dashing up and through Dal to the landing, especially when heading west. After all, time is money!

    Ribi of The Underbog