Monday, May 17, 2010


That's right. My Death Knight, which I rolled shortly after WotLK came out, finally dinged 80 on Saturday. I know, I know. It took long enough. Over the last couple weeks I got tired of seeing him on my character select screen, level 68 and abandoned in Borean Tundra. So I've been working hard and putting in the time. This is my fourth level 80 toon.

Shortly after the ding I trained for my Army of the Dead spell, though I have yet to really put it to use. Seems like an overkill for soloing, and it definitely seems like a sketchy move to pull off in a dungeon. One of these days I'll ask the tank at the start of a pug if it's cool if I unleash them during boss fights.

I wanted to jump into heroics and start farming emblems of triumph right away, but my gear prevented me from using the LFG tool. I was in mostly blues with a gear score just shy of 2100. I didn't have a high enough reputation with any of the Northrend factions to buy any decent upgrades, and I'm too cheap to buy crafted epics. I couldn't even get into the epic gear slinging five man Icecrown Citadel instances.

What's a poorly geared fresh level 80 to do?

I had 28 Emblems of Triumph from doing dungeons Northrend dunegons while I leveled, so I hit up the vendor and picked up the Sigil of Virulence, which is proving to be an an awesome purchase as it procs all the time. That pushed my gear score up a bit but still did not open any gates. Then it dawned on me that I hadn't done the Amphitheater of Anguish event in Zul'Drak yet, and it rewards a nice two hander that would be a nice gear upgrade from the blue two hander I'd been using since level 72. So I went and got it done, thanks to a level 75 rogue and her uber geared level 80 druid guildie that healed me as I "tanked" the amphiteather baddies. After that I got on my warrior jewelcrafter and crafted a nice epic ring for my DK. Not the best stats for a DPS DK, but it'll do for now.

Viola. ICC 5 mans and even a few heroics were now available.

A day later, after completing the normal mode 5 man ICC dungeons (got a couple ilevel 219 epics in Pit of Saron) and a few random heroics, I'm already rocking my tier 9 shoulders and have a few other epics equipped. After being a level 80 for only a day my gearscore is already 3400. Not too shabby.

Time for the DK to take a breather. I'm all DK'd out.

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