Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farming Scholomance

Last night I logged onto my level 80 hunter and set off to conquer Scholomance. I'm trying add one of the rarer enchants in the game to my collection, Formula: Enchant Weapon - Lifestealing, and I'm too cheap to look on the Auction House. I prefer to farm such things myself. I figured I would also do a full clear of the place and get the achievement in the process. I cleared out my bags as much as I could and flew out to Chillwind Point. elixirs of water walking are always handy and I try to keep a stack of these readily available at all times. I have a ton stockpiled from doing the Shattrath daily fishing quest countless times in the BC days. Since Scholomance is isolated on an island and I absolutely hate the slow process that is swimming, I popped a water walking potion and quickly made my way onto the island. A ghost NPC outside the entrance had a low level quest so I picked it up, hoping it would reward Argent Dawn rep (it didn't). I also equipped my Argent Dawn Commission trinket since I'm revered with said faction, and wanted to earn AD reputation and pick up scourgestones from the mobs and bosses.

Luckily I already had the key required to enter the dungeon so I swapped out my trusty wolf for my tanking bear pet and got to work. The aforementioned enchanting formula drops off spectral researchers, of which there are a few right inside the dungeon, past the first set of mobs. The drop rate isn't very low, but it didn't drop during my first sweep. I could've quickly ran out and reset it and tried again, but I wanted to do a full clear first.

A lot of greens and even a couple BoE blues dropped off the trash mobs, which I disenchanted for some valuable enchanting mats. Most of the bosses dropped two blues as well, so this is a great place to farm some of the harder to get enchanting mats such as large brilliant shards and greater eternal essences. Also, if you are leveling a tailor or need runecloth for whatever reason, this is the place. I got about 20 stacks while in Scholomance. The drop rates are ridiculous. Even if you don't have a tailor you can get some decent money selling stacks of it in the Auction House. On my realm they go for about 6g a stack.

The mobs in Scholomance also drop a decent amount of silver as well as grey quality weapons/armor that vendor for around a gold each, if not more. When all was said and done, and I finally got my enchanting formula to drop (after I initially cleared the dungeon, I had to reset it three times before it dropped), I was 110 gold richer than when I started. I will get even more gold selling the enchanting mats I accumulated, or converting them into weapon/armor enchanting scrolls and selling them in that form. Not to mention the money I will eventually get when I sell the stacks of rune cloth after cataclysm is out, and everybody is leveling up new toons and power-leveling professions. My bank alt is stashing them for now. As the goblins say, "time is money", and eventually the time I invested in Scholomance farming them will earn me money.

After redeeming all my scourgestones at Chillwind Camp and redeeming crypt fiend parts and bone fragments at Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands, I had earned close to 9000 Argent Dawn rep. Not bad for an hour's worth of work. All in all, if you need Argent Dawn rep, enchanting mats or a lot of runecloth, Scholomance is a great place to farm that will also reward your efforts with some decent gold.

It should be noted that quite a few of the undead mobs in Scholomance are immunte to arcane damage, so be prepared for that. I couldn't use volley to AoE down mobs in certain areas of the instance.

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  1. Hi Ice,

    Just picked up your blog to add to my RSS feeds this morning, hoping it's a good read!

    Unfortunately I can't link to Wowhead here from work, but I just wanted to comment on the Argent Dawn Commission...

    I was doing a couple of runs yesterday to get my rep up with the AD for the Revered enchant, and ended up picking up some quests for Strat. The reward for one of them was a trinket that deals extra damage to undead targets, but also allows for the recuperation of Scourgestones.

    I'm PRETTY sure that's what I read... I'll check again tonight, though I'm sure you can check it out for yourself on Wowhead.

    Just a thought, if you didn't want to lose a trinket slot entirely. Adding damage to undead plus getting Scourgestones is better than just getting the stones, IMHO!

    Take care, hope to read more over the coming days!